Step by step

Hurry up, it is soon!!! In one month you will have a unique chance to apply for the Online International Beauty and Fashion Contest Miss Europe Asia-2021.

Remember this date! Add this event to your agenda! Do not miss Miss Europe Asia-2021!

From January 27, 2021, applications are accepted. Young women from 18 to 30 years old from all over the world will be able to participate in the contest. And if you are one of them, hurry up! And start to prepare!

So, to participate you need to:

1. Complete the application form on the official website

2. Upload 3 photos (without filters and without Photoshop) on portrait, profile/ semi-profile and full-length.

Remember, your photos are your business card!

3. Send your video presentation in which you introduce yourself, tell where you come from, where you study, work and what your hobbies are (the duration of the video is 1 min maximum).

Warning ! Send the video (by wetransfer or other) to the contest email address:

4. Under the application form and photos it is necessary to confirm that:

* you have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Miss Europe Asia-2021 contest;

* you confirm the accuracy of the information you have presented about yourself;

* you are aware that the participation fee for the competition is 60 euros and that after submission of the application, this amount is not refundable;

* the Committee has the right to use your personal information within the framework of the contest (contest website, social networks, mass-media, blogs) and you agree to this.

*you have read and accepted the authorizations to use image rights (read here)

5. Once your application form is accepted, within 3 days, the Committee will send you the participant’s registration number and an invoice for payment of the participation fee.

(If during this period you do not receive our reply, please contact us again).

6. Participants who do not comply with the terms and conditions may be excluded from the contest.

7. Applications begin on January 27, 2021.

8. The semi-final will take place in April 2021.

International jury will summarize the first results and identify 20 semi-finalists. Their photos will appear on our website and on social networks (Facebook and Instagram contest pages by April 30, 2021 at the latest).

The followers of the online contest will be able to vote for their favorite candidates. Their opinion will be taken into account during the recap, but the professional jury will make the final decision.

The candidate who gets the most number of likes and comments will win the audience award.

9. The final of the contest will take place in May 2021 (no later than May 31, 2021).

Ten candidates will take part in the final of the contest, and the jury will choose a Miss and three Dauphines, as well as the finalists who will receive special prizes from the organizers of the competition.

All participants will obtain international diplomas.

10. The Miss Europe Asia-2021 awards ceremony and winners parade* will take place in Paris at the end of May 2021. It will be held with the participation of fashion and accessory designers, as well as model agencies, mass-media and other organizations. 

The exact date of the event will be announced on the contest website and social networks later (due to the current epidemiological situation, now this is not possible).

So what? Cannot wait to participate?

After all, it is a very interesting and worldwide adventure. Without leaving your home, you play the main role in it right now!

If you become a winner of our contest you will be able to:

* participate in the awards ceremony;

* parade around in the outfits of famous designers;

* pose in front of the cameras of renowned photographers who cover the events of the haute couture week in Paris and collaborate with international fashion magazines;

* make new friends.

This is the chance to present yourself internationally. You will be able to gain confidence, boost your influence on social networks and in your environment, as well as catch the opportunity to be invited to work for one of our partners, international model agencies.


(*) We inform you that: The Committee does not cover the cost of your trip to Paris, but it can help you to make hotel reservation and transfer at your expense. For the winners who will not be able to attend the awards ceremony in Paris, the prizes (crown, sash and diploma) will be sent by post, at the expense of us.